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Infertility in Women

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Infertility in a couple can be caused by male factors, female factors or both male and female factors. 40 percent of cases of infertility in couples are caused by infertility in women and another 40 percent cases are caused by infertility in men. In 10 percent of cases, both male and female factors cause infertility and for the remaining 10 percent cases, an exact cause is not identified (unexplained infertility).

In many of these cases, infertility can be cured if the right medical treatment is applied at the right time. The video below shows a couple who got pregnant after infertility treatment.


Causes of Infertility in Women

There are a number of factors that can cause infertility in women. Most common causes are ovulatory disorders, damages or blocks in fallopian tubes, cervical mucus defect, uterine problems, low progesterone levels, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), poor egg quality and life style factors such as excessive drinking, smoking, use of marijuana or cocaine, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) etc. Please click causes of infertility in women for detailed explanation of each of these factors.

Symptoms of Infertility in Women

Common symptoms of infertility in women are: abnormal menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalances, infections in the reproductive tract, recurrent miscarriages etc. Please click symptoms of infertility in women for detailed information.

Infertility Test for Women

Most common methods of infertility test for women are: home tests, physical examination, laboratory blood tests, clomiphene citrate challenge test (CCCT), tests for sexually transmitted diseases and thyroid problems, post coital test and some advanced tests such as ultrasound test and laparoscopy. All these testing methods are explained in detail in the page: infertility test for women.

Infertility Treatment for Women

Fertility drugs, surgery and assisted reproductive technology (ART) are the three main treatment methods for infertility in women. Please view the page: infertility treatment for women for detailed information.

Please click causes of infertility in women, symptoms of infertility in women, infertility test for women, infertility treatment for women for more information on these topics.

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Note: It is advisable for a couple whose female partner is over 35 years of age to seek immediate medical help from a fertility specialist, if they are not able to conceive after 6 months of regular sexual intercourse without using any contraceptives.