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Our mission is to support couples who are trying to conceive by providing them with accurate, reliable, easy to understand information in a user friendly way. We would be sincerely working towards making this website a place to find all the information related to infertility in a much more interactive way. We wish all the best to couples who are trying to conceive and sincerely hope that all of them would be blessed with babies very soon.

Please do not forget to bookmark this website, as contents and functionalities will be regularly updated. But, we wish that users of this website do not have to keep coming back for long. It would be a great feeling for us, if you could please share the good news by writing to us once you successfully conceive. If you wish, we would be more than happy to share your story, photos or videos on this website, since we believe that it can definitely inspire other couples.  

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Note: It is advisable for a couple whose female partner is over 35 years of age to seek immediate medical help from a fertility specialist, if they are not able to conceive after 6 months of regular sexual intercourse without using any contraceptives.